Welcome To ScaperSoft!

Welcome to ScaperSoft.com, the new and highly improved version of LawnAid.com. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve accomplished. There are many new features and improvements that you can take advantage of including advance mapping functions and routing, data backups, in-dashboard text messaging, weather tracking and forecasting, and so much more.

We’ve taken special care and placed extra attention on our customer’s needs and requests throughout this overhaul. Here are some areas we’ve focused on:

  • User experience: We’ve made some major changes and improvements to the layout and usability of the software. You’ll see a much more logical layout and flow immediately.
  • Design Aesthetic: You’ll also notice that we have worked with top web designers to make the look and feel of the dashboard much more aesthetically pleasing. This is your business and you spend hours managing it. Why not do it on something more beautiful to look at?
  • Analytics: The numbers don’t lie. We’ve done lots of work fleshing out and surfacing the important metrics that help you monitor the health of your business. These metrics include invoicing activity, gross versus net profit, accounts receivable, monthly revenue, past due invoices. and several others.
  • Bells and Whistles: Who doesn’t love the extras? We decided that it is necessary to offer additional features that will help our clients better manage their businesses. These features include data backups to your local hard drive, weather tracking and forecasting, in-dashboard text messaging, Quickbooks integration, Human Resources tools, and several others. For a very nominal fee, our clients can take advantage of features that will really fine-tune their operations.

ScaperSoft.com has been a labor of love and we’re excited to help landscapers and lawn care experts vastly improve their business operations. We stand by our motto…state of the art features, wallet-friendly cost.


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