Three Tips For Maintaining a Positive Company Culture During High Stress Times

If you have a large landscaping business and you can afford to do it, gifting bonus checks during uncertain times like these will go a long way.  It shows your employees you appreciate them and their hard work and commitment to your company.  If you are a smaller business, cutting checks like this may not be financially possible.  In an effort to still make employees feel valued within their role, you want to focus on your company culture.

Establishing a great company culture that works from the top down is key to the long term success of your company.  It will also help you weather times of crisis like we are experiencing now.  You want to have a dedicated team that truly believes in your company and trusts that you will do what is in their best interest.


Here are three tips for creating a positive company culture in your landscaping business.


How to keep company culture alive

During the current coronavirus pandemic, continuing to experience the benefits of a great company culture is difficult to say the least.  So how do you still offer that feeling of togetherness when you need to be apart?  Pivoting towards a “virtual” culture is one answer.  Scheduling regular times to meet online is a great way to foster connectedness and make people still feel a part of the business.  Hosting things like virtual happy hours where people can talk not just about work but also their families and challenges will go along way with employees.

With that being said, employees still need to have positive experiences with top management.  Driving out to job sites to just wave and let your employees know you are still there for them will not be lost.  If you can afford it, provide breakfast or lunches for your crews.  This will show them how much you appreciate them showing up for work and working through the challenges of all the safety protocols they need to abide by.


Every employee is valuable

One of the most important messages you can share at work is that every individual is accountable for their work but they can also expect the support of the whole team.  The team is the whole but when a member is struggling, you help them get back up on their feet.  It is essential that top management shows that they care about their employees, and, in turn, the employees will show their care for your business.  When your employees feel a real sense of consideration and concern, they will reflect that back on the rest of the organization and its clients.


What a great company culture looks like

Building a positive company culture is not just about acknowledgement for a job well done. It’s also about recognizing and hearing what employees have to say.  Here are some ways to put this into action:

  • Engagement with each team member: In order for your company culture to thrive, you need to engage with everyone on an individual basis.  Favoritism should never have a place in your business. It hurts not just your employees but your business too.
  • Have one-on-one meetings: Meeting with employees on an individual basis should happen at least once every quarter.  Go over their experiences working for your company.  Ask them what is working for them and what is not.
  • Build your employeesskills: In an effort to have a crew that feels both confident and productive in their role, you want to offer skill building opportunities.   This will go a long way toward improving employee performance.
  • Have open discussions: It is important to openly discuss goals with employees.  Sharing aspirations helps build motivation and boost their chances for success.


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