Six Property Hazards Landscapers Should Watch Out For This Winter


With Winter right around the corner, it is crucial that your landscape workers know of the hidden dangers that may be on a client’s property if you offer snow and ice management as a part of your services.  Doing so will help them avoid any chances of a slip-and-fall incident.  So before your team heads out to their next home, they should familiarize themselves with these potential hazards.


Here are six tips for avoiding property hazards this winter



Wear the right shoes – When clearing snow and ice, having the right shoes on is crucial to avoid slip and falls.  You want them to be boots that are both insulated and water-resistant.  They should have good rubber treads and plastic and leather soles should be avoided altogether.

Use sand or birdseed – For extra traction, using birdseed or sand is useful.  It will provide better footing while workers are trying to clear the ice or snow.  Just make sure they know to clean up the material as it can wind up in the drain and cause a problem.

Walk slowly – Use short steps and move slowly.  Try and walk as flat footed as possible .

Be careful exiting vehicles – When exiting a vehicle during icy weather, you have to watch how you exit your vehicle.  Watch out for black ice, which happens when it is raining and the temperature is below 32 degrees.  Black ice can also form from both sleet and the refreezing of runoff from melting snow.

Watch out for entrances: When heading inside, the entrance can be very slippery.  Watch your step.

Beware of a lawn that slopes – When a lawn slopes in the wrong direction relative to the prevailing winds, snow drifts will accumulate. These drifts can then deposit snow onto your driveway that melts and then refreezes making your driveway a dangerous place to be.  The best way to deal with snow drifts is to strategically plant bushes and trees which will help by providing a wind break.


Always be prepared

A slip and fall can’t always be prevented but being prepared for if and when it does happen will help lessen the severity.  When you find yourself falling, try and protect yourself by rolling with the fall.  Make an attempt to twist and roll backwards as opposed to falling forward.  Try to bend both your back and head forward so you avoid slamming it on the pavement as you lose your footing.  If you have something in your hand, make sure you toss whatever it is.  You don’t want to hurt yourself even more because you are trying to protect what is in your hands.


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