Six Effective Strategies To Help Grow Your Landscaping Business

If you are looking to grow and push your landscaping business to the next level, there are some key things you will need to do to make sure your business grows successfully. The last thing you want to do for your business is add money, focus and energy to all the wrong things.   In this post we will cover six key things you want to do in order to successfully grow your landscaping business.


Below are six effective strategies to help grow your landscaping business to the next level


1. Come up with a smaller service area

When you first start a business , it makes sense to take work regardless of how far out it is. As your business grows, you don’t want to have customers spread out all over the place. Your crew will have to spend more time driving then actually doing the work . By servicing a smaller area, you will be able to put in more hours per day which will in turn mean more growth for your business.

2. Focus on a specific service

When any business first starts , the idea is to say yes to anything a customer might ask for . Unfortunately, not all types of work are going to give you the same profit margins.  Furthermore, doing a bunch of different types of work means that your crew will have to switch gears which leads to a loss in momentum.   In order to increase your business, you want to start to focus on the work that will yield you the highest profit.    When you decide which services your business will focus on, your business will become that much more proficient at those few things which in turn will make your business more profitable.

3. Utilize the right marketing tools

Using the right marketing tools is key to growing your business. Right now you may be distributing flyers and using word of mouth to get new customers.  That may be working for you but it is probably not moving the needle all that much.   If you are looking to grow your business, you will need to do more. Everything from advertising in local newspapers to advertising on social media as well as television, can help bring in a predictable number of new clients each month. Do you have a blog?  You should consider writing one.  Blogs are great for extending your reach and giving your website depth.  Once you start diversifying your marketing, you will begin to grow your business by adding employees, equipment and infrastructure.

4. Consider increasing your rates

Growing your business is very expensive. Adding equipment, staff and other things all require a lot of money. If you don’t have the extra money to put towards these things, you won’t be able to properly grow your business.  For this reason, you need to charge a premium for your service.  Don’t set your prices at what you would be willing to pay for the job.  This has nothing to do with the value your customer applies to your service.  The best idea is to build extra value into your services and charge for them . Furthermore, you need to set your price based on the margin of profit your business will need to grow.

5. Make yourself the local expert

If you want to be known as the local expert, you have to start putting out useful information.  Whether it be in the local paper or online through a blog on your website, you want to be out there providing answers to people’s questions on a regular basis.  In addition, your business should be on social media sites like Facebook . Your Facebook posts should be centered around sharing all of your expert knowledge.  All this will help grow your business by delivering you customers who know your business and are already sold on it.

6.  Digital marketing is where your business needs to focus more

Social media marketing is essential to growing any business nowadays.  It not only helps boost brand awareness and gain you more customers but it also helps people find a trustworthy brand . For this reason, it is key that you learn how to use social media marketing effectively or that you find a marketing company to help you with it.

For example, sites like Instagram are perfect for sharing imagery from your landscaping projects.  Things like before and after landscape images along with video content will have you reaching a whole new base of people. In addition, Facebook as we mentioned above, is not only great for sharing knowledge but also your photos and video. Investing in search engine optimization is another way to help your business grow and reach new markets.

If you don’t have a strong presence on social media, it will be that much harder for potential customers to find your business. This means that even if you have a great landscaping business, you will still be losing out on potential prospects by not focusing on digital marketing.  For this reason, it is so important to make sure that you familiarize yourself with digital marketing and which platforms will best serve your landscaping business.

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