Landscape Business Marketing: How To Help Your Business Stand Out

The summer months are here and for any landscaping business, this time is big for business.  Competitors are on every corner and you need the right landscaping business marketing techniques to help you stand out. 


Below are five marketing tips to help you business stand out among the competition


1. Get Social

Your business is dead in the water if you are not working with a digital marketing strategy.  Most people are on social media and your business needs to be there too.  A Facebook business page is a must and you should definitely be on Instagram.  All that beautiful landscaping you are producing should be photographed and showcased on your Instagram business feed.  Invite all your customers to follow you online.  Keep your profiles updated and post consistently.  Your Facebook business page is a great place to showcase your work, offer tips and advice as well as share any news your followers may find helpful.  Encourage happy customers to leave reviews on your social media profiles as well as any business pages.

If you don’t have a website, now is the time to get one set up.  There are plenty of options to build your own website that are user friendly Just make sure your website is continuously updated.  The last thing you want is for potential customers to come to your site and find outdated information.   

2. Elect A Leader For Your Crews

If you are lucky enough to grow to a point where you have multiple crews, think about choosing a leader for each.  You want someone that will represent your business in the best light possible.  They should be well-spoken, knowledgeable and the main point of contact for your customers.   You want someone that is going to perform like this is their own business, so choose wisely.  

3. Don’t Cut Corners

Using high quality mowers will lead to lawns that look amazing.  Not rocket science.  With that being said, landscaping businesses may be tempted to cut some corners when it comes to equipment.  There are plenty of high quality mowers at different price points so do your research.  Whatever equipment you go with,  customers will appreciate the difference.

4. Be An Expert

Most people can mow their own lawns.  So when it comes to marketing your landscaping business, you really need to stand out.  You need to know everything about all aspects of lawn care including learning about different types of trees, plants and soil.  If a customer is having an issue with weeds, research the best answer to their problem.  Show your expertise and your customers will be impressed.   

5. Show Your Gratitude

Always make sure to show appreciation to your customers for their business.  If a customer is home, take a moment and thank them.  When it comes to the holidays, don’t forget about your customers.  Send out an email or better yet, a hand-written holiday card.  These notes are also beneficial for suggesting additional products or services.  Also take advantage of  this outreach by asking for feedback  about your services and point them towards your social networking profiles.


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