How To Effectively Deal With Negative Reviews Of Your Landscaping Business

As a small business, even one negative customer review can cost your company a significant amount of business.  More than one and you can pretty much guarantee you will lose out on most potential clients. In fact, Over 86% of customers want a response to a negative review within the first 3 days. In order to ensure you don’t miss these reviews, set up your business account to email you notifications when this happens. Google, Facebook, Yelp and Houzz all do this.


Below are five things you can do as a landscape professional to help combat negative customer reviews


  1. The key to preventing a customer from venting online in a review is to take their concerns seriously.  If you can nip it in the bud before they take to typing it out, you can prevent most online negative reviews.  You also don’t want them bad mouthing you to friends and family. If there is a negative review posted, always respond with a thoughtful answer.
  2. Keep a look out for signs that your customer may be on the way out.  Are they opting out of newsletters and emails?  Deleting your app?  Keep an eye out for this and proactively contact these customers.
  3. Always check in with customers and ask for feedback.  Ask in person or send out email surveys.
  4. Never blame or make excuses when responding to negative reviews.  People pay attention to how you communicate publically.  Not to mention, potential clients are definitely reading what your responses are.  The moment you come off as defensive or place blame, you lose credibility as a business owner.
  5. It is not just enough to respond with an apology to a negative review.  You need to provide some sort of solution.  It doesn;t have to be a solution to the direct problem. It could just be a request to have them call you.  Anything to move the issue off line so there is not continuous back and forth.  We all know how writing online can get misconstrued.
  6. Always say thank you.  Whether it is positive or negative, always thank a reviewer.  Something along the lines of “I appreciate you bringing this to my attention” will go over well.   You want to show customers and potential customers that you are always striving to improve not only your business but the customer experience.

A negative review is unavoidable for any business.  At one point or another there will be that client that you just can’t get it right with.  With that being said, most customers are willing to give a business a second chance before never using them again.  So your efforts to make things right are not in vain.

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