Four Tips To Keep Your Landscaping Business Up and Running During Coronavirus

Landscaping is considered an “essential” business during this time.  In order to keep your business up and running, you to focus on the right areas.  In this article, we will share four areas your landscaping business needs to focus on in order to keep moving it forward.

1. Effective marketing

You may think that marketing during this time is a waste but it’s actually the opposite.  People are stuck at home and potentially staring at their not so great landscaping.  Now is the time to let your customers and prospects know you are operational.  The great thing about landscaping services is that all communication, marketing efforts and servicing the property, can all happen without ever crossing paths with the customer.  This is something to reassure them of in any marketing or phone calls you make.

2. Keep key employees

In challenging times like these, you may think it makes sense to cut costs on all fronts.  This is a short term hack and not the best decision for your business long term.  Eventually things are going to bounce back and if you have gotten rid of your key talent, your business will suffer greatly.

3. Boost communication with your customers  

During these uncertain times, people need to know how your landscaping business is responding to the current pandemic.  If you are incorporating new safety policies, people need to know this.  Share this via email and social media.   Your customers want reassurance that you are being safe within your business and that you have safety practices in place for when employees are out in the field.  You also want to keep it a constant reminder about how they can support your business by spending money with you.

4. Encourage customers to give thought to their outdoor projects  

Once this pandemic passes, people are going to want to move forward with business as usual and at an even faster pace.  Let customers know that it would be best to book with you right now so that their projects are handled first.  Stress to them that waiting for the pandemic to pass will just delay their projects probably into the new year.  With everyone home and using the outdoors as a respite, people are realizing the importance of having an area they can enjoy.   Be the one to help them envision how they can make their space better.

Here are some services that your landscaping business can focus on right now:

  • Maintenance work.  This includes mowing, pruning weeds, and inspecting for any safety and security issues.
  • Reducing the spread of dangerous and deadly diseases from pests like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas by performing essential treatments.
  • Removal of fallen trees
  • Managing invasive species




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