Four Tips For Making Your Employees Holiday Season More Bright

The holidays are in full swing which makes this a very busy time of year for all businesses.  With that being said, it can be easy to get caught up in all the work but it is also important to keep your employees top of mind as well.  This time of year you need to put in some effort towards keeping them motivated and engaged so they know they are appreciated.

Below we share four tips on how landscaping companies can make this season more bright by recognizing their employees’ hard work.

Incentivize longer work hours

If your employees are putting in extra hours to help get jobs wrapped up, it is a good practice to acknowledge and reward your staff for working hard around the holidays. Some extra incentives could be extra pay or additional time off .  These offers are typically the most well received.

Some other simple ways to give thanks this time of year is to give out handwritten cards with personal messages or small meaningful gifts.  If the budget is tight, a lower value gift card to Target or Starbucks would also be well received.  Just keep in mind that the more specific and personal you can get, the better.

Throw a holiday party

Who doesn’t love a good holiday party?  You employees surely will.  Round out the year celebrating all the accomplishments by bringing everyone together to engage with one another over a meaningful experience.  This will also help foster stronger bonds among everyone.

Depending on your budget, you can invite everyone out for a nice lunch at a restaurant or you can throw a holiday potluck in the office.  What is most important is that you are showing your staff you appreciate them enough to recognize them in this way.

Show your gratitude

Many employees show up to work everyday not really knowing how appreciated they are.  Feeling appreciated and showing gratitude for your employees is key to them feeling strongly valued at work.  People want more than just a paycheck.  They want to be seen and supported. Gratitude can be shown with verbal recognition or through employee of the month programs and more.  This is what keeps them coming into work each day and your turnover rate low.

Offer opportunities to give back

Most people feel more generous during the holidays.  We often see more people volunteering or donating to charities.  For this reason, it is a good idea to participate in a community volunteer or charity event. This could be a gift collection for underprivileged children, hosting a can food drive or even helping out at your local soup kitchen.  This helps not only to increase positive word of mouth about your business but to also boost job satisfaction levels and retention rates.  Doing good for the community will really create a great energy around the workplace.

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