Four Strategies To Keep Your Landscaping Business Thriving In 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape of how we conduct business for the foreseeable future across every industry.  Businesses, including landscaping, has had to pivot to doing business in a more virtual way.  Landscaping is one of those industries that continues to be an essential service for both people and businesses.  In order to keep your landscaping business not just afloat but thriving, you need to adapt the right strategies for these uncertain times.


1. Go virtual

Most homeowners are sheltering in place and therefore have a  little more time on their hands to think about the aesthetics of their homes. You want to make sure your customers know you are ready and able to help them out with their needs. Conducting virtual consultations is what you need to do since scheduling in person meetings is not for these times.  Setting up a zoom meeting to meet with clients to discuss their needs as well as talking through pricing etc., will keep business moving along as usual.  There are also other technology tools like Google Earth that can help in creating a plan for your client.  In addition, consider showing your customers some love by offering up a discount for booking services sooner rather than later.

2. Take advantage of technology

Working in a more remote environment means you have to start paying attention to the technology that is available to you.  You need to be able to compete with other landscaping businesses so that you come out on the other side of this pandemic on a positive note.  As an example, give thought to the payment options you currently offer to your customers.  Perhaps you start using Venmo to accept payments.  This means not only contactless payment but receiving payments that much faster.  What about account management and automated billing?  Is this something you can offer online for your customers.  This can all help save time and improve the customer experience.

3. Stay on top of marketing

If you have not given much thought to digital marketing for your landscaping business, now is the time.   Social media and content marketing should be prioritized right now in the following ways:

  • Go through your website and see how it can be improved.
  • Put a process in place to help generate online reviews.
  • Reevaluate your social media strategy if you have one.

Whether you have a business of five employees or 5o, you need to make marketing a priority if you not only want to survive the crisis, but thrive when it passes.

4. Keep communication a priority

Keeping customers up to date on services you are providing and how you are currently handling your business is essential during uncertain times like these.  Here are tips on how to keep customers updated about your business:

  • Communicate digitally on a regular basis.  This provides for contactless communication while continuing to promote why your services are crucial during this time.
  • Utilize your social media accounts and any customer portals to keep customers abreast of the status of your business and any new procedures you have implemented like virtual consultations.
  • Assure customers your landscaping business is abiding by CDC guidelines and that employees will be employing all safety protocols.  Remind them how important lawn care is to maintaining the health of their landscaping.
  • Find new ways to be creative.  If you haven’t started a newsletter or blog, now would be a good time.
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