Five Tips For Growing Your Landscaping Business in 2021

Growing a landscaping business is hard work.  You have to have your pulse on the marketing aspect, you need to network a bunch and you need to provide a great service to your customers. All this is needed if you want to get repeat customers and pick up bigger jobs.

Below are five tips to help grow your landscaping business in 2021


Look into upgrading your equipment

When you first start your landscaping business, you don’t need much more than a lawnmower and a weed wacker.  As you start landing more jobs and bigger jobs, you will need to upgrade your landscaping equipment.  By upgrading your equipment, you will be able to complete your jobs that much quicker and do a better job while you are at it.  Just think how much faster you can cut a yard if you were on a riding lawn mower.  At least by half.

In addition, you will be able to expand your services.  For example, if you were to invest in tippers, you can add debris removal to your list of services.  This means you can work with construction companies or people that are looking to remove large items from their property.

Upsell your clients

Any customers that contact you for a one-time service are perfect for upselling to.  Try and see if you can get them into a recurring contract. If you have a customer or lead that is interested in pruning services, try and upsell them to include grub management.  This is one of the easiest ways to help boost up your contract sizes.

Ask for reviews

Reviews are gold to a business.  Nowadays, people always read reviews before choosing a service company to go with.  If your company only has two reviews or has negative reviews, you are hurting your chances of any new leads coming through the door.  Always ask new and current clients to leave a review if they are happy with the services provided. Ask them to leave reviews on sites like Facebook, Yelp, your Google business page and any other pertinent online listings.

Request referrals

Happy clients are great to get referrals from and a super easy way to grow your landscaping business.  Ask them if you can provide them with some business cards that they can pass on to their friends and family.  Also consider sweetening the pot by offering some sort of incentive for getting you referrals.  This could be a discount on your services.  If you can get them to put out a yard sign promoting your business, even better.

Keep an eye on profit margins

You have to pay attention to your profit margins if you want to move the needle quickly on growing your landscaping business. You need to look at your costs and see where you can make improvements.  This will allow you to boost your gross profit without having to do more work.

Know what your costs are

This is in line with the above tip.  You have to have a strong handle on your costs if you want to be profitable.  You need to know how much every one of your services costs you to perform.  If you don’t know this, you are not able to optimize your profit margins. Take the time to create a better system for bidding on projects.  This looks like finding a better way to make your land measurement more accurate, improving tracking any inventory and supplies and also improving scheduling of employees and services.


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