Five Tips For Better Landscaping Employee Retention

As with any business, retaining good employees is very important to the success of your business.  It costs less money to retain an employee than it does to hire new ones.  Since employees are your most important assets, you want to pay attention.  The question now becomes how do you create an enriching work environment that will retain your employees for the long run.

Look for help in the right places

Hiring family and/or friends may seem like a good idea in theory but it really is best to keep your professional and social life separate.  So if you leave that pool out,  where is a good place to seek out labor?  Networking and talking to other people.  Speak to others in your industry to see if they can refer anyone your way. You can also reach out to your local nurseries as well as relevant departments (horticulture, botany, or landscape design) within any nearby colleges or universities.

Create a great work environment

Nowadays, an emphasis has been put on quality in the workplace and not just a paycheck.  People are wanting more out of a job.  Help support this by creating a quality work atmosphere.  Try to support things that will help your employees find more meaning in their work.  This can be things like staff parties, celebrating birthdays, volunteer days.  Looking for more ideas?  Check this site out.

Provide opportunities for growth 

People want to feel like they are working for a place that cares about the growth path they are on.  This is where training comes in.  This is a key part of maintaining a strong team of employees.  Give thought to creating a program where you reimburse your employees for a portion of coursework related to your field.

For those employees that acquire additional credentials, consider incentivizing them.  Show them you value them maintaining their pesticide applicator license or that they are willing to become a certified Arborist.

Touch base with your employees

Running a good business means checking in with your employees on a regular basis. You can do this by scheduling meetings on a regular basis.  Staff meetings give you an opportunity to discuss any changes or provide additional internal training and support.  Ready to have your first meeting?  Start off by covering any upcoming projects, new policies/guidelines, new clients, new equipment etc.

Empower your employees

When you own your own business, one of the hardest things to do is let go.  With that being said, it is essential that you learn to delegate work out to your employees.  Delegating out work shows your employees you trust their capabilities to handle something that is outside of their normal range of work. By doing this, you help your team become valuable employees.

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