Five Social Media Tips For Landscaping Businesses

Social media marketing is a must for any business regardless of industry.  It offers a way to build a loyal online community while also getting new clients.  Using this medium for lawn care businesses definitely has the ability to reach prospective clients  if you go about it in the right manner.

Here are five social media marketing tips for your landscaping business

Come up with a strategy

Social media marketing does not work by throwing out content and hoping it works.  You need to spend time coming up with a strategy that includes a detailed plan.  This includes creating a seasonal content calendar filled with relevant and valuable content that your audience will delight in.  This could be an article, image, or video that you think your audience will like.  You will get to know your audience and what type of content they want to see.  You will also get a feel for how often to post.  This may look like a couple of times a week.  See what the feedback from your audience is and that will help guide how often they would like to see you posting content.  The key thing is to be consistent with your posting.  You don’t want to post three times one week and nothing for the next two weeks.  Your followers want consistency.


Stick to two social media platforms



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You may think it makes sense to create a business profile on every social media platform.  This is not the case.  You will wind up stressed trying to create content for too many networks and the quality and consistency of your content will suffer.   You need to figure out where your target audience is and narrow your focus. Facebook is pretty much an ideal platform for B2C companies and LinkedIn is great for B2B.  Your goal is to create a presence on these platforms where you are active and engaged on a regular basis.


Come up with content

Now that you have created a detailed content calendar, you need to fill with valuable content. The sweet spot with coming up with content to share is to not only share curated content (sharing content from other sources) but also create your own resources.  You can do this by producing blog posts, images or videos of your work or team.  This type of content is perfect to then also publish on your social media accounts. You want to also organize your content by category and seasonal relevance.  This will help make creating your content calendar easier each year.


Leverage social proof

A happy customer is gold for your business.  This type of social proof shows potential customers first hand how doing business with you would be.  Getting positive customer reviews and testimonials should be on your to do list as a key part of your social media marketing plan.  You can post them on your website and share them as posts on your social media accounts.


Use Social Media Scheduling Tools



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Scheduling your social media posts is key to making this medium work for your business.  It will help not only free up time but also create that consistency that every business needs to have when it comes to social media posting.  Scheduling tools like Autogrammer will allow you to schedule out your posts for the day and time of your choice.  By doing this, you keep your posts organized and you won’t have to remember to post.


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