Five Easy Landscaping Ideas To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The landscaping that surrounds your home tells a lot about it.  The nicer the condition it is in, the more curb appeal your home has.  Why is this important? Aside from just looking nice, it helps to increase the resale value.  Furthermore, you don’t need to spend a ton to improve your landscaping.


Here are five easy landscaping ideas that will boost curb appeal right away


1. Spruce up your landscaping with flower beds

Flowers are one of the easiest ways to add color to the outside of your home. A flower bed border is an easy way to make that happen.


The first thing you want to do is choose a small area where your flower bed can fit nicely.  Next, place stones around the area to define it.  Last, add your plants and place mulch all around them.   The best type of flowers to choose for a space like this are perennial flowers.  These flowers will wilt during the winter months but then come back to life when it gets warmer.  Because they last more than one season, this makes them a great, cost-effective choice.


2. Add mulch around your trees


A rich colored mulch can really add some nice curb appeal right off the bat.  If you have some nice trees in your yard,  adding a ring of mulch around the tree is the way to go.   Not to mention mulch helps keep the soil healthy by maintaining both moisture and temperature.  All you have to do is dig up the grass surrounding your tree, making a point to remove all debris and rocks.  Then just add enough mulch to cover at least a five-foot diameter around each tree.  If your trees are larger, then you will want to go wider.


3.  Install outdoor lighting


Outdoor lighting is another one of those easy landscaping ideas that can take your landscape to a whole new level.  You will not only help highlight your home’s best features, but help increase safety too.  Landscape lighting doesn’t have to be expensive either.  There are lights that can fit any budget.  Electric lights are good way to go but if that is not the right fit or the cost is out of your budget, there is the option of solar-powered accent lights.


4. Maintain your lawn


This may seem obvious, but keeping your lawn green and healthy goes a long way in making your home look well maintained.  If your grass is not looking so hot, take the time to reseed any brown or dying patches.  Also make sure to mow your lawn regularly as well as keep the edges trimmed so you keep the lines looking clean.  You can also add brick, stone or gravel edging to spruce up the area.

If maintaining your lawn sounds like too much work, you can always check out installing AstroTurf.  It is pricier to install but you will never have to mow or water your “grass” ever again.


5.  Be strategic when planting your shrubs and bushes


If you have unwanted utility items on your property, a great way to hide them is with shrubs and bushes.  Small trees can also work well too.  You just want to make sure they are a size that you can plant yourself.  Hiring a gardening service to plant it will cost you.  When planting anything, make sure not to plant it too close to the unit.  You want at least five feet of clearance.

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