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Five Tips For Better Landscaping Employee Retention

20 October 2019 by Susan Nudelman

Five Tips For Better Landscaping Employee Retention

As with any business, retaining good employees is very important to the success of your business.  It costs less money to retain an employee than it does to hire new ones.  Since employees are your most important assets, you want to pay attention.  The question now becomes how do you create an enriching work environment that […]

Five Social Media Tips For Landscaping Businesses

19 September 2019 by Susan Nudelman

Five Social Media Tips For Landscaping Businesses

Social media marketing is a must for any business regardless of industry.  It offers a way to build a loyal online community while also getting new clients.  Using this medium for lawn care businesses definitely has the ability to reach prospective clients  if you go about it in the right manner. Here are five social media marketing tips for […]

Five Elements of an Effective Landscape Safety Program

1 April 2019 by Susan Nudelman

Five Elements of an Effective Landscape Safety Program

According to the National Safety Council, close to 5k people die every year on the job.  It goes without saying that having a comprehensive landscape safety program in place is essential for your business.  Not to mention,  insurance can be one of the largest expenses for a lawn care business.  Implemented properly, a well documented landscape […]

7 February 2016 by ScaperSoft

Need help Importing Customer Data?

Need help importing customer data? Here’s a support article that will help you import customer data into the software. First thing’s first…make sure to watch this video here for a full demonstration: Secondly, below is a button to download an example spreadsheet that you can use as a starting point to import your customer data. […]

31 October 2015 by ScaperSoft

ScaperSoft goes international

Do you operate your business outside of the United States? Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom? Guess what, we’ve got you covered. If you’re international, we would love to have you. We accommodate a variety of currencies, addresses, regions, postal codes, and more.    

17 October 2015 by ScaperSoft

Your business doesn’t stop in the winter. Neither do we.

Does your business switch to snow removal come November? If you run your business anywhere that receives harsh winter weather, chances are you pull out your snow boots and switch gears to focus on snow removal, ice cleanup, salting, etc. Even though we’re called “ScaperSoft,” we can still help you maximize your investment in our […]