Best Practices for Upselling Services To Your Landscape Customers

Finding new clients is always harder than hanging on to the ones you already have.  For this reason, upselling is one of the best ways to increase your profitability.  All it takes is approaching your customer and asking them if they would like to add on any other services to their existing ones. With that being said, there is a right and wrong way to go about upselling.  You want to make sure you do not come across as pushy.  The last thing you want to do is irritate your customers and push them to start looking elsewhere.

Below are five tips for upselling your services to your landscaping business customers

Upselling should be weaved into your company culture

Some people see upselling as negative, but if you make sure that the concept is introduced from the get go to your employees, it’s a given.  The truth is, upselling is part of any smart small business plan.

Know your customers

So, not everyone will like the idea of an upsell and that’s okay.  It is essential that you know which clients will be receptive and build out your target audience from there.  Aim for those long-term clients who know your company well and are happy with your services.

If  own a lawn care company and you’re trying to sell more services such as pest management, overseeding and aeration, you want to be honing in on those clients that want a perfectly manicured yard.  Not just that, you want to know that they can afford it as well.  Any clients that reside in high-end residential areas including commercial spaces, are more likely to be keen on aesthetics.

You also want to give thought to the current services you are providing to that customer.  That way you upsell them on something related.  For example, if you are selling them on sprinkler systems, you may want to try and upsell them on the idea of Wi-Fi controllers or night lighting.

Be an educator

Never assume that a customer knows the ins and outs of your services.  If you want a customer to buy in on what you are upselling, you have to do just that.  “Sell” them on it by educating them about it.  Once they are armed with the key information, they will that much more comfortable making a decision on whether to move forward.  They will see the benefits and not just you trying to sell them something to make more money.  Now, a customer may still decline your upsell, but if it will ultimately solve a problem they are dealing with, it does not hurt to mention it again.  Many times, the more they hear about the value, the more receptive they become.

Discounts are your friend

Upselling does not always have to come in the form of adding additional services.  You can also offer a discount through service bundles. Make it even more attractive by offering good, better and best models. Having more choices will also make it more likely to wind up with a sale.   As an example, if you are at a property already doing landscaping, you can offer them to do some new lighting at a discount if they pull the trigger that day.  What goes for $1500 normally, you can offer at $1000 for them doing it that day. Since you are already on site, there is less cost to you.  Also, this doesn’t come across as a hard sell to the customer.  You are simply letting the customer know about these great savings if they want to take advantage of them.

Pay attention to your surroundings

Neighbors provide a great source of potential opportunities.  If you notice that the lawn on a nearby home needs some attention, stop by and put a door hanger at their front door or in their mailbox.  Even better, your current customers should be functioning as referrals.  Offer them some type of discount if they refer a certain number of properties on their street.

When it comes to upselling services, it is not a one size fits all model.  What will make sense for one client may not for another.  Stick to those customers that put a high value on how their landscaping looks and have the means to pay for the services to keep it up to snuff.

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